About Wabamun Shoreside Inn & Suites

Vicki Specht

The Shoreside Inn & Suites was born from the owner, Vicki Specht's, longed dream of opening a quality and restful lodging establishment in Wabamun, Alberta. Being no stranger to the challenges of owning and operating lodging establishments and having owned and managed others in Alberta, this is however, the first attempt at building a business literally from the ground up. Over 10 years of planning went into the development and eventual construction of that dream.

Wabamun is a small village on the shores of Wabamun Lake. This peaceful village and lake have seen many changes over the year and many more are on the horizon. Staff and management are strong supporters and believer in the potential of Wabamun to become once again the playground for adventure and peace seekers alike that it once was in the early 1920’s to 50’s. In the 1950s Wabamun became home to a TransAlta Generating Plant. That plant has since been decommissioned and Wabamun is on the forefront of development once again as a lakeside community for recreation and tourism.

The dream has become a reality as you find Shoreside Inn & Suites will offer a refuge to sit back, relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Whatever the season Shoreside Inn & Suites is the ultimate destination in Wabamun to try something new or just get away from it all.

Come join us at Shoreside Inn & Suites in Wabamun.

You won't regret it.

Perfect for Retreats

30 spacious and inviting rooms all over looking Wabamun Lake the Looking Glass Lake

4 distinct room types with all the amenities needed to create the perfect retreat or event

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Green Goes with Everything!

think green  go green   

At Shoreside Inn & Suites, we are committed to protecting and preserving Lake Wabamun's unique ecosystem for the continued enjoyment of current and future generations. For this reason, we have a recycling program for bottles, cans, paper and cardboard. We also use environmentally friendly cleaners, installed energy efficient water heaters and low flow toilets, operating outdoor lighting and plug-ins on timers, use recycled paper and high yield toner products in the office, and participate in local watershed meetings. At Shoreside, we celebrate "Earth Day" Everyday!

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Shoreside Inn & Suites recently successfully achieved a Silver level rating in the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Program. Thank you!

How Can You Continue to Help?

As a guest at Shoreside Inn & Suites, partake in not just thinking green, but going green by:

  • Place recyclable items in the blue recycle bin located in your room, breakfast room, or the lobby.
  • Dispose of cigarettes in the sand-filled buckets located on the lower level and the standing metal receptacles on the upper level.
  • Lower the heat in your room and turn off the air conditioner when you are away.
  • Close blinds to conserve room heat and reduce the need for air conditioning.
  • Turn off lights, television, and bathroom exhaust fan when you are away.
  • Do not dispose of litter on walkways or the parking lot. Use the large garbage container outside the lobby entrance, or the dumpster.
  • Consider reusing your bath towels and cloths by leaving them hanging from the towel racks; this will notify housekeeping not to replace your towels. If you want fresh towels, leave the used towels in the tub.
  • Keep the idling of your vehicle to a minimum and avoid backing into parking spots opposite the room entrance, as the carbon monoxide from your vehicle's exhaust will be drawn into rooms through the fresh air intake.

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