Join Us At Our Hotel Near Wabamun Lake Provincial Park

Located only steps away from Shoreside Inn & Suites is Wabamun Lake Provincial Park! It’s on the north-eastern shore of Wabamun Lake, near the hamlet of Wabamun, and borders the Yellowhead Highway, making it one of the top local attractions in the area. After settling into our comfortable rooms or suites, head over to the park and enjoy a fun-filled day with family and friends!

Summer Activities At The Park

In the summer months, Wabamun Lake Provincial Park offers a variety of fun things to do. Bring the entire family and head to the Wabamun Lake beach for the day or hike along the many trails the park has to offer. Enjoy canoeing and kayaking along the brisk waters of the lake at Wabumun Marina. Additional power boating, sailing, water-skiing, windsurfing, and swimming are also available to explore!

Additional Summer Activities include:

  • Biking on the trails
  • Skidooing on the lake
  • Bird watching
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Baseball
  • Wabamun Lake Park
    Wabamun Lake northern lights photo
    Wabamun Park Lake Photo

    Winter Activities At The Park

    As a four-season recreation area, Wabamun Lake Provincial Park also offers a variety of winter activities! Make use of our complimentary snowshoes and explore a stunning winter wonderland throughout the many hiking trails the park has to offer. The lake in the winter also offers excellent cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing opportunities in a picturesque setting.

    Park Rules And Regulations

    Safety Around Wildlife

    Wabamun Lake Provincial Park - Safety Around Wildlife

    Wildlife is wild, it may seem tame but they’re not. Because they are wild animals, we encourage visitors to be cautious at all times.

    Give Wildlife Space

    Wabamun Lake Provincial Park - Give Wildlife Space

    We strongly advise that you keep at least three bus lengths (30 metres/100 feet) away from large animals and (100 metres/325 feet) away from bears.

    No Treats Allowed

    Wabamun Lake Provincial Park - No Treats Allowed

    In campgrounds and day-use areasnever leave food or leftovers outFeeding or approaching wildlife too closely causes animals to lose their natural fear of people. They may become aggressive, even dangerous.

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